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When to Re-Roof?

Damaged and curled shingles are lifted from the surface, making it easier for water to penetrate and causing expensive and serious damage to interior surfaces such as ceilings, walls, insulation, floors, furnishings and even your roof deck.

Sun, wind, snow, and ice all impact the life of your shingles over time, causing them to shrink or become brittle as they age, and at some point, they need to be replaced. Failure to replace can cause expensive damage.

Therefore, it is important to regularly assess your roof's condition as well as the rest of your property for damage, wear and tear, and signs of aging.

If your roof is at or near the 20-year mark, it should be inspected regularly to determine its functional life before expensive damage becomes inevitable.

Signs of Possible Roofing Deterioration to Look For

  • Loose or Missing Shingles
  • Curled or Torn Shingles
  • Roof Deck or Underlayment Exposed
  • Separation of Shingles Indicating Shrinkage
  • Discolouration of Shingles
  • Shingles Showing Loss of Ceramic Granular Indicating Direct Exposure to the Elements
  • Cracked or Dried Up Caulking Indicating Need of Repair or Aging of Roof
  • Interior Leakage, Water Stains, or Dampness of Insulation
  • Interior Mould or Drywall Dampness

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How We Can Help You 

  • Remove, Replace, or Repair Your Residential or Commercial Roof
  • Evaluate Your Roof's Condition and Recommend a Course of Action
  • Provide a No-Obligation, Free Assessment and Estimate for Repair or Replacement
  • Detect Leaks and Provide Emergency Repair Services to Stop Damage Due to Water Leakage
  • Provide Great Advice and Recommendations for Maintaining the Life of Your Roof
  • Provide You With Many Options for Colours and Style of Roofing Shingles
  • Explain in Detail the Roofing Components and Why Your New Roof Will Last and the Quality Details
  • Assess Your Other Exterior Requirements 

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One-Stop Shop: Construction and Financing

  • With our broad range of exterior services available, we can provide advice and options for the other exterior components of your property. Sometimes, customers will put off other projects due to affordability. Therefore, we have arranged home project financing with Ecohome Financial to allow our customers to coordinate and consolidate their roofing and other exterior projects into one simultaneous purchase.
  • Many times, it also makes sense to do one project while doing another (i.e. roofing and eavestroughs). As an IKO PRO PLUS certified contractor, we are committed to quality and the quality product you deserve.

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