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Attic Insulation

While most everyone understands the importance of proper insulation in heating costs and adding warmth and comfort to your home or property, the value of insulation is largely not understood in terms of ensuring the functionality of your roofing system.

Inadequate insulation in your attic can create humidity leading to damp or wet insulation in the attic and ice damming on your roof. Both can create expensive repairs to the interior of your property or your roofing system particularly roof covering and eaves troughs.

Similarly, inadequately ventilation in your attic can lead to moisture and leakage as the warm interior temperature meets with the cold outside temperatures, particularly in the coldest months. Add to this the effect of snow and ice melting on warmer days in winter months, and you have the combination for ice damming on your roof, resulting in water penetrating your roof causing leakage problems and expensive repair costs.

Insulation of Exterior Walls

Above ground walls between living spaces and unheated areas including the outdoors, unheated garages and storage areas, among others, require a sufficient insulation barrier and air sealing to ensure your interior a comfortable environment whether in the very cold winter months or the warm and humid summer months. Proper insulation of exterior walls can ensure that you enjoy your property regardless of the time of year. Many older homes were built without the insulation building codes of today and require additional to be added. Additionally, enhanced insulation reduces heating costs.

Considering Improving Your Exterior?

  • Inspecting your property’s attic most times can reveal the adequacy of your attic insulation. But most times, the level of comfort indicates that additional insulation may be needed somewhere in the home or property
  • If you are considering re-roofing, changing the siding or the other exterior elements of your property, including soffit/fascia or eavestroughs, this might be a good time to take the extra step and evaluate your insulation requirements in the attic and walls
  • Particularly in winter months if you are experiencing ice damming on your roof or dampness on your interior ceiling or wall or see mould, you can call Bay Roofing and Exteriors Ltd. to inspect your property

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An​ Inspection by Bay Roofing and Exteriors Ltd. will identify:

  • Visible dampness, leakage, rot, or mould in your interior or exterior ceiling area
  • The adequacy of your attic insulation as well as ventilation issues in the attic.
  • Soffit/fascia missing or damaged
  • Loose or missing siding, and related insulation loss

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How We Can Help:

  • Remove and replace, or add insulation in your attic
  • Remove and replace existing siding and exterior insulation, or just add insulation
  • If required, add window cladding to ensure colours of siding are matched or colours enhanced
  • Potentially identify other exterior issues at our on site estimate
  • Provide suggestions to improve appearance and functionality
  • Add beauty and value to your property
  • Provide project financing if required (pre-approval by a link on our website, or in seconds at the customer’s home or property)
  • Our estimators and installers can discuss your insulation requirements and provide you with an estimate with no obligation.

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