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Bay Roofing and Exteriors Ltd. Is committed to 100% customer satisfaction both in terms of quality and customer

experience. We strive to remove any unpredictability and avoid potential issues by providing customers with a clear

understanding of the proposal terms up front by helping customers understand issues that can arise during re-roofing.

1. Proposals generally plan for removal of one layer of shingles, which is normal for most roofs. In some cases

(normally older structures) it may not be possible to identify more than one layer of shingles at time of

estimating without exposing the roof. In such cases it is appropriate to negotiate additional charges with the

owner before completing the job since the contractor will incur additional shingle removal and dumping fees as

a result.

2. Similarly, removal and replacement of wood decking (normally plywood or supporting roof joints) in some

instances, cannot be known until the roofing tiles and underlayment, vents, or drip edge have been removed

and underlying deck exposed. In this situation, because these extras cannot necessarily be determined at time of

estimating, it is again appropriate to negotiate additional charges to cover the additional costs of labour and

materials necessary to do a quality job. Wherever possible, the contractor will identify the problem and attempt

to quantify the level of work and estimated cost. However, until the entire roof deck is exposed (ie all shingles

and underlayment removed), it will not be fully possible to know the exact extent of deck damage (normally

caused by water leakage over time).

3. In some instances, removal of TV antennas or satellite dishes are required to complete the removal and

replacement of a roof. The customer acknowledges that unless otherwise agreed, the contractor is not

responsible for re-installing such antenna or dish to ensure that the signal is being properly received.

4. The owner agrees to provide the contractor with reasonable hours of availability for work, normally not earlier

than 7am and normally not later than 8pm unless necessary to finish a roof and not leave it exposed to

possibility of rain or wind and resulting damage.

5.  The owner acknowledges that any other damage roof components (ie chimney) due to aging, is not the

contractor’s responsibility for repair unless otherwise set out in the proposal. The contractor will notify the

customer where such required repair is identified during the roofing process and a determination made if the

owner requires the contractor to proceed with the repair and an estimate given by the contractor prior to


6. The contractor acknowledges that the work completion will conform to industry and technical specifications

required to provide for proper functioning of all aspects of roofing systems standards including ventilation,

structural integrity, and quality of work. Where the customers requests contract conditions, changes, or

materials not recommended by the contractor, the parties acknowledge that such request or changes may void

the warranty if damages result in connection with the departure.

7. Ice buildup can occur in inadequately insulated building attic spaces creating leakage issues as water is caught by

the ice and backs up and finds its way under the tiles. This is typically referred to as ice-damming and is not a

roofing contractor quality issues (rather a construction issue) and would not be covered under the warranty.

8. The customer will provide a safe working area such that the contractor and employees can efficiently and

properly complete the work contracted. Children and pets should be kept away from the work site near the eave

of the roof where objects may be falling to the ground or tools and sharp debris may be in the process of being

cleaned up. For safety reasons, the work area should also be free of animal droppings which can get on ladders,

boots, and tools.


Selecting a roofing contractor can be a difficult decision. Specifically, as a property owner or homeowner, you want to

ensure that you receive a quality product and service when you make an investment in replacing your roof. While

price may be an important consideration, ensuring that your investment is protected through wind and rain

throughout the year, and enhancing its look and value, and even more important factors to consider when replacing

your roof.

Bay Roofing takes great provide in quality workmanship, making certain our customers get the product they expect

and deserve. We are proud to show off our work that we have completed in the previous year. Here are some of the

residential and commercial properties that North Bay’s #1 crew has brought their quality and expertise to.

Below is a list of considerations in choosing a roofing contractor:

Dual Brown

675 Main Street West, North Bay

190 Wickstead, North Bay

188 Cassells Street, Sturgeon Falls

Earth Tone Cedar

6 Mc Gibbon Street, North Bay

Memorial Drive, North Bay (Waterfront Marina + Picnic


Dual Grey

5 Ryan, North Bay Ontario

53 Janen Street, Sturgeon Falls

1398 Hwy 94 Corbeil, Archery Place

Dual Black

472-456 Magdelena, North Bay


68 Kenwood Hills, North Bay

390 Pinecreek Cres, North Bay


199 Greenwood Road, Callander

Aged Redwood

29 Superior Cres, North Bay



Stormtite Synthetic Underlayment

IKO Cambridge VS IKO Dynasty

Alurex Gutter Clean

Alurex T Rex Continuous Hanger

Alurex Double Pro